Author: Laura

Pet Friendly Design

The wagging tail that greets you at the door; A best friend curled up at your feet by the fireplace; The loving rub against your leg as you are making your coffee.  For many people, pets are what make a home feel like home. So many times when I am designing for clients, they ask […]

A day in my life…

Life as a designer is action packed.  Anyone who knows me (and my profession) well can tell you that I am constantly on the move! If I am not in the office designing floorplans in CAD and pulling together fabric/furniture schemes, I am attending on site meetings with clients and contractors, sourcing unique furniture from […]

Stay Tuned!

LC Interiors has been busy with so many fun projects.  In the past year, we have helped design custom homes, renovation projects, residences in lovely neighborhoods as well as commercial projects including a restaurant and a dental office. We are currently photographing all of the spaces to update our portfolio- so stay tuned! In the […]

Object of Affection

Accessories are a girl’s best friend.  In fashion, interior design and (let’s be honest- our love life), we look for those special additions to feel complete.  I will leave the fashion and love life tips to someone else- so let’s focus on those fabulous accessories that are a “must” for the successful design of your […]

Bali Beauty

I recently traveled to the gorgeous, lush island of Bali located in Indonesia.   It is on the other side of the world- so I knew it would be different; however, nothing could prepare me for the spiritual and artistic richness that is intricately woven in the natives’ everyday life.  For anyone who loves the arts, […]