A day in my life…

Life as a designer is action packed.  Anyone who knows me (and my profession) well can tell you that I am constantly on the move!

If I am not in the office designing floorplans in CAD and pulling together fabric/furniture schemes, I am attending on site meetings with clients and contractors, sourcing unique furniture from local antique shops or researching new materials in trade showrooms around town.  And…of course, there are the installations. Full of organized chaos and absolute fun.  I love creating a total transformation and making my clients gasp with delight when they enter a newly designed room for the first time.  That is what my job is all about!

As I am on the move, I often take pictures with my iphone to document the things I love.  It may be as simple as a new line of hardware I am digging, or a newly installed room that was worth the hard work.  As I am scrolling through my pictures, here are 10 things that I have been loving recently:

*caution: some may be blurry*

1. Awesome new wallpaper by Schumacher

2. Gorgeous ikat pillows and navy velvet headboard in a recent guest bedroom install-  more pictures to come soon!!!

3. Drooling over this new hardware line: customize your hardware with any leather from the Edelman line! How stunning is this?

4. Had to include these beautiful bracelets I bought my sister for her birthday.  Stop in at Vermillion- they have amazing jewelry. These beauties make me want to design a room in a palette of turquoise, deep blue and gold.

5. Picking out frames for a set of 6 antique botanicals.  The gold fillet really makes it feel special.

6. Love everything about this picture: my sweet little nephew who was born this July, my beautiful niece Lulu in her pink tutu, and the colorful pillows by Schumacher and Groundworks

You can’t really see the Verellen sofa- but it is fabulous as well!

7. If you are wondering, this is the only baby I have right now:

I was changing the sheets at the beach and turned my back for one second….this is how I found her! All wrapped up.   Hey, at least she has good taste in coverlets!

How can you resist that face? I sure can’t.

8. Tile selections for a fun couple in Durham

9. After a long day, nothing is greater than having a glass of wine with this guy:

10. And when I am not working, I ride elephants travel with my husband.