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It seems like our nation has had baby fever.  With the interest in the arrival of the Prince of Cambridge and all of the recent celebrity pregnancies, you can’t turn on the news or open a magazine without breaking coverage on all things “baby”.

That is certainly the case for me in particular.  Last July, I welcomed a precious baby boy into this world.  I couldn’t be more overjoyed and excited to be a new mom. Leading up to the birth of my son, I have spent a lot of time nesting and working on the nursery. When designing a nursery, it is important to incorporate elements that  ease things for mom and soothe baby.  Trust me-you will appreciate the little things during those late night feedings!

Here are 5 nursery essentials that you don’t want to miss:

1. Swivel Glider– a comfortable chair to rock your sweet baby to sleep is a must have.   All of the hours that you will log in will be worth the investment! So many companies have beautiful style and fabric options.

2. Changing Station- When changing diapers- you will want everything at your fingertips.  Create a changing station that will make all of the essentials readily available.  In my own nursery, I converted a closet into a changing station. See the slideshow pictures for inspiration!

3. Storage- With a baby comes a lot of “stuff”.  Make sure to have lots of storage options so that everything can have its place.  In my own nursery, I built shelving with storage baskets to help compartmentalize items and keep things organized.  A good chest is also good to have to help store all overflow items.

4. Crib – The focal point of the nursery, crib selection is important.  Whether you go traditional or modern, select a style that will pull your whole design scheme together.

5. Versatile Lighting– You want your nursery to transition seamlessly from day to night.  For night time, put ceiling light fixtures on dimmers to create a softer atmosphere.  You can also incorporate a table lamp to emit a warm glow.  When your child is napping during the day, you may want to invest in some blackout lined curtain panels.  This room darkening element will make it easier for your little one to doze off to sleep.  Who wouldn’t want that?

Here are some pictures of my nursery:

He is mighty cute, isn’t he?


High Cotton Ties

High Cotton Ties, located in downtown Raleigh, offers a beautiful collection of bow ties and cummerbunds. Handmade and produced locally in North Carolina, this company exudes all that is classic and Southern. Having been featured in national magazines such as Garden and Gun—it is a company that has really made a name for itself through the years.  When owners Judy and James Hill hired me to design their flagship store–I couldn’t have been more excited!

From the moment I saw the space, I immediately had a vision for the front window display.  Spanish moss, bead board and porch swings started swirling around in my head…and I began to sketch a design right away.  Through the design process, it was so amazing to see my vision jump off the pages of a rendered sketch and come to life.



I was equally inspired by the company’s brand when designing the interiors.  James and Judy wanted to create a space where their clients would like to sit, relax and have good conversations.  Comfort is key when defining southern hospitality.


Reclaimed pine floors, leather chairs and antique furniture give the store character.


I designed custom builtins painted in a historical color to showcase their expanding brand.



And the beauty is in the details—



To find out more about High Cotton Ties, visit

Movin and a Shakin’

Things have been so busy around here!

Between designing and installing fabulous projects, hiring new staff members, having a BABY and blogging twice monthly for Chapel Hill Magazine, there hasn’t been a dull (or free!) moment around here.

Due to my busy schedule, my own website has been quite neglected.  For my loyal followers who are reading this- thank you for having faith that I will pick things back up!

We are currently in the process of photographing all of our projects from the past couple of years- so stay tuned for updates.

Here is a peek at what we have been working on…..

Beautiful Home in Drewry Hills neighborhood of Raleigh

High Cotton showroom in downtown Raleigh

Modern Loft on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill

A fresh design for a young family!

A custom home in Chapel Hill

A lowcountry inspired home

AND….last but not least…my greatest creation of all:

Thomas “Carr” Covington

Those cheeks!!! Love him so much.