Dining Room Glam

My client who lives in a Raleigh condo came to me in desperate need to uplift her dining room. After talking in great detail, we arrived at two main issues to address:

Problem 1: There are no windows! We need to lighten it up somehow.

Problem 2: The room is not that big! We need to give the illusion that the room is much more spacious.

Take a look at the BEFORE:


She was ready to get rid of the dining room chairs that matched the table. My client has a more modern taste, so working with her existing table and light fixture, we decided to glam up the space!



To brighten up the space, we decided to mirror the end wall of the dining room. I commissioned a guy in Atlanta to make beautiful antiqued mirror wall tiles to give the look a sense of age and patina. The mirrored wall now reflects a window in the adjacent living room, giving the illusion that the room is much more open than it actually is.

For the walls, I commissioned Davide from CAN painting to do a “polished plaster” in a gray tone slightly darker than the rest of the house. This technique dresses up the space by giving the walls depth and a slight sheen when they catch the light. Goodbye boring walls!

The upholstered dining chairs add much needed softness to the room, thus completing the classically modern look we were going for.