Before and After: Kappa Delta Sorority

Over the past several months, I have been working with the Kappa Delta Sorority of UNC- Chapel Hill.  When I was first brought onto the project, it was very apparent that the house hadn’t been updated in a very long time.  The girls felt that it was time for their sorority house to be refreshed and uplifted….this is where I came in!  In order to reflect what this lovely sorority stands for, I decided to take a youthful yet classy approach to the design of the foyer, sitting room, living room and media room.  It was important to maximize functionality and durability, as there is constant traffic flow and practical use in the house (yes, the girls do need a place to put up their feet, study, lounge, surf the internet…).  Thus, my goal was to give the sorority a comfortable and long-lasting look with every bit of style.  That is what every girl wants, right?!?

Living Room Before:

IMG_4248 IMG_4245

Living Room After:

After: Living Room


Foyer/Sitting Room Before:

IMG_4235 IMG_4236 IMG_4239

Foyer/Sitting Room After:



Media Room Before:

IMG_4249 IMG_4261

Media Room After: