Happy Father’s Day!

When designing a space, it is important to incorporate elements that appeal to all people living there. This is what truly makes a home feel comfortable and personal. For a woman, it can be a fresh bouquet of flowers in an antique vase.  For a man, it often is a comfortable leather chair.

In the spirit of the day, I am going to highlight 5 ways to subtly add a touch of masculinity to your home:

Camp Chair

This “Camp Chair” adds comfort without all of the bulk.  It would look great in the corner of a library or study.

turtle shells

These turtle shells are a unique accent for bookshelves

leather chair

You don’t have to compromise style for comfort with this amazing leather chair by Oly!

horn box

Horn boxes are a wonderful way to add interest to table tops

Bird Prints

Group together antique bird prints to create a bold look in any room.